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Academic Writing

Most of what you'll find in this section are papers and essays that I've written for college classes. In addition to the traditional paper, I've also done a few web-based projects, such as a character study using an interactive graphic.

Literary Analysis

Film Analysis

"We're in Their Homes and in Their Heads and We Haven't the Right":
Personal Freedom and Government Control in Joss Whedon's Serenity

This paper was my final paper for an Introduction to Film class that I took in the Fall of 2007. It's probably one of my favorite papers that I've ever written. If I could write professionally about Joss Whedon's work and make enough money to live off of it, I'd die happy.

Scene Analysis Paper:
Brokeback Mountain - Reunion Scene

This is another paper that I wrote for my Introduction to Film class. This is, like the title says, a scene analysis paper, focusing on the scene in the film when Jack and Ennis first reunite after their initial summer on Brokeback Mountain.

Web-based Projects

Research Projects

Research Paper for WMST 200: Transgender Children

This was my final paper for my Introduction to Women and Gender Studies course.